July 17, 2021

PHP References explained

PHP references are another name to access a value which is already associated with another variable. They are nothing like pointers in C and you should not confuse it with them. PHP references are...


July 13, 2021

PHP match expressions

PHP 8 introduced match expressions in addition to switch statements. In this article, we will see how a match expression in PHP differs from a PHP switch statement. First, let us see how a match...


July 3, 2021

How to learn any web framework easily

Learning a web framework can be difficult, even if you have been programming for a long time. There are new terminologies to learn, new directory structures to understand, new tools to acquire, new...


July 5, 2020

How we solved the mystery of a mammoth size history table in MySQL database

While performing regular audit at my company, I noticed that one of the databases is using more disc space than expected. Once I drilled down to the table levels, it turned out that only a single...